Amrita Bluse - Bangalore Blue Note

Size M

Amrita-blusen fra Maison Hotel i et Bangalore-trykk.

Kjolen er klippet og håndtrykt i supermyk bomullsmuslin, med vakre marineblå blomsterbroderier langs utringningen. Plagget er så trykket for hånd, sydd og så påført en slitesterk steinvask som gir trykket en vakker vintage-effekt.

100% bomull.
Vi anbefaler kun håndvask.
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Modellen er 1,78 cm høy og bruker størrelse S.

Love & Laugh

Maison Hotel

Maison Hotel aims to resurrect the bohemian heyday when foreign-accented hippies lived in old farmhouses, lazed under the sun and danced the night away barefoot at full-moon parties in ‘Ibiza Bohemia’.

Far from fashion, the collections are inspired by vintage treasure hunts that follow the footsteps of the eclectic ‘Flower Power’ movement of the 60s and 70s.

Authentic tie-dyes, genuine screen prints and delicate embroideries are developed by artisans with patience and care; the slight imperfections a representation of the manual nature of the workmanship involved.

Growing from a handful of boutiques, Maison Hotel has gained a dedicated following through the support of retailers in Europe, the US, Australia and Asia.